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Welcome to AOF. Before you do anything please read the rules carefully!

1. No Spamming - Any post that is not relevant to the thread is considered spam. One-liner responses such as "Yea, LOL" are also spam.

2. No Double Posts - However, if there is some new information worth posting and it has been 24 hours since the last post then you may post again.

3. No Flaming or Trolling - Flaming means insulting another member, and trolling is posting something with the deliberate intent of provoking flames.

4. No Emo Posts - Most of us find it annoying, so we cannot allow it.

5. No Personal Disputes - These should be handled via PM, IM or e-mail. If you feel you are being targetted unfairly or bullied contact a staff member. eg. ARTA8SIMS or HBC-Furry

6. No Ripping - Do not attempt to pass someone elses work (e.g. graphics or creative writing) off as your own. Rippers will be "PERMANENTLY BANNED".

7. No Multiple Accounts - Any attempt to create additional accounts to confuse other members, manipulate voting threads or cause chaos in any other way will not be tolerated and your main account may receive a ban. Duplicate accounts used to go pass bans on your main account are also, obviously not allowed.

8. Please keep images on reasonable resolution and file size, remember not all people have fast Internet so please keep the resolution and file size as small as possiable. Use link is the best method to post images.

Lastly, staff members reserve the right to take action against you or ban you at any time if they feel your behaviour is detrimental to the forum, whether it is covered by a specific rule or not.
Again we hate banning people so please follow the rule.
Enjoy your time on AOF.


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